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Who am I?

‘I am afraid to tell you who I am because you may not like who I am – and it’s all that I have. But we reach maturity as people by communicating with other people. There is no other way. What is in me grows smaller if I do not tell you its secret.’

fast-track-warrior-learning-to-listenThrough all our coaching and programmes we always begin with this question: Who are you? It is often a shock to students to consider this fundamental question and find that there is a great deal to discover and uncover in order to answer it fully. We all have ‘a-story’ a story which we often believe to be true and which defines us. What is important is the realisation that we are not our story or the roles we play anymore than we are our body or our thoughts.

The coaching, group work and experience with the horses allows participants to explore in depth this question; ‘Who am I?’ We help you to explore the self-concept you have created, how this helps you to function in the world, where it limits you and the impact of this constructed identity on your authentic self.

We explore the shadow side of this identity, the fragmented parts of self, those parts of ourselves we have disowned because we have learnt that they may be unacceptable to ourselves or others. By gaining awareness and stepping into the role of observer of self, you are able to separate your true self from your story. This is a powerful experience created in a safe environment with the aid of many mirrors – you will see yourself reflected back to you through other group members and the horses. The latter are able to give you a truly clean mirror in which to experience yourself as others do.

You may want to explore this question first in your own mind, take a piece of paper and simply begin to write your response to the fundamental question; ‘Who am I?’ As much as possible begin to write and keep going without editing your thoughts, without pausing to re-read what you have written, without judgement or criticism. Whenever the mind stalls simply return to the question and write down whatever enters your head. At some point you may wish to ask ‘And who am I that’s more than that?’.

We are all so much more than we think we are. Our thinking is limited in a way our true self and potential are not. By fully exploring this question you can begin to see the story you have bought and sold to yourself, it’s falsehoods and its limitations. This new awareness then leads to choice, to personal responsibility for who you are and who you wish to become.

You can journey this question with us through 1:1 coaching, group programmes and even whilst you qualify for a professional qualification. Remember it is in relation to others that we truly discover who we are.

In our Fast-track Warrior Programme held in our Northern Centre (7 – 11 August 2017) we will be exploring this question, so if you would like to find out please get in touch for more information info@learningtolisten.co.uk (Fast-track Warrior)

Sarah Readings x

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