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leadership coursesTraining leaders is widely debated minefield of information. So how about if we could simplify it to this…

”If the horse won’t follow you how do you expect your people to follow you?”

An interesting question indeed. One that I’m sure will cause further debate! However there are advantages to being able to simplify leadership training to this level.

If we as both Leaders and Training and Development Coaches, researched and practiced all the various material available to us on the subject of Leadership; The various styles, the characteristics of a great leader, the benefits (or not) of the different approaches, the personality types, the psychoanalysis of what works and what doesn’t – and so it goes on; ultimately we will still all finish up having our own independent opinions and experiences as to what works best.

In my personal experience, there is arguably merit in many differing approaches in Leadership and actually is that what it is really about.

When we train our leaders at Learning to Listen on our Warrior Programme we strip back all of the detail that can ultimately be subjective and also of course is going to depend on environment, position, different company structures and widely differing cultures. With clients from every walk of life ranging from Blue Chip orgainsations to Head-teachers and Senior Leadership Teams in schools, life very quickly becomes a level playing field on our programs.

The focus in our leadership training methods is about knowing ones-self on a far deeper level than ever before. This is the only way we can truly present our congruent selves to the outside world. My view is, if you do nothing else to develop your leadership skills, then as a minimum get to know who you truly are. Consider these questions; What are your values and beliefs? How has your history created your reality of now? How do you perceive others and also how you are perceived?

It all sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But then introduce a horse into the relationship to help you really peel back the layers and work through these questions and you will open up a whole new world of awareness.

Suddenly leadership training becomes far more dynamic, pioneering, effective, integrated and (I can promise you) life changing both personally and also for the team/orgainsation that you lead.

When that horse follows you across a field with no tools – (i.e. she is at liberty to decide to be with you or not), then in an irreplaceable moment she chooses to stay by your side… trust me there isn’t another feeling like it. Ultimately you really will have learnt the value of who you are as leader.

Jo Richardson

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