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Learning to Listen

Personal Coaching

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Transformational One to One Coaching

We offer one to one coaching with or without the horses. From executive coaching to mediation issues to health and wellbeing coaching find out more info… 


The Warrior Programme

The Warrior Programme is our signature programme that has been developed over a decade to bring you thought provoking concepts and exercises that will support and challenge you on a journey over 5 months. Find out more info…

Family Coaching


Family Coaching and Parent Support

Coaching sessions for the whole family are a great way to re-connect everyone. When a family is going through a tough time, whatever that might be, sparks can fly, things can be said and actions taken that aren’t always our best. Sometimes we just don’t know which way to turn and have no idea of what to do next. This is where Learning to Listen can support you and your family back to a more harmonious life. Find out more info…

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