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The Power of Nature for Restoration

mental well-being and nature

We all know about the environmental benefits nature provides. But how often do we take advantage of the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits available from being outside to support our mental well-being?

In a recent article, Michael Hyatt quotes research suggesting that we spend far less time enjoying nature than we did 20 years ago and yet every day new evidence confirms the benefits of being close to nature, and what we’re missing by staying inside.

“We are influenced by our environment in ways that we are not aware of,” researcher Netta Weinstein says. In fact, experiencing nature can improve our minds, rejuvenate our bodies, and restore our spirits.

Taking time to pause and engage with nature, even for a few minutes, can bring significant positive effects for our mental stamina and cognitive performance. Research demonstrates that there is a cognitive advantage to be realized if we spend time immersed in a natural setting. In addition nature also improves our mood, reduces stress levels and increases our immunity.

All of this suggests that we are meant to spend time enjoying the natural environment, slowing down and re-connecting with the rythyms of the earth; noticing ourselves as part of the universe. Michael Hyatt reminds us that; ‘Nature is God’s reset button for our minds, bodies, and spirits. If you’re spending all day indoors, you’re missing the restorative power of nature.’

This is why at Learning to Listen we conduct all our coaching, training and development in a natural environment. On our programmes you will reconnect with nature as you learn about yourself in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside. Programmes run throughout the year with ILM Coaching Programmes beginning again in April.

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