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The Learning to Listen team are dedicated, talented coaches who are committed to developing themselves and the individuals who come to them. As a team we have a fundamental belief in people’s abilities to overcome their fears and return to a place of love and understanding. We believe that if we are willing to take responsibility for ourselves many things are possible, least of all living our authentic lives. Our coaches are journeying their own lives and are committed to walking their talk so they can be great roles models for you.

We look forward to working with you – meet the Learning to Listen team below:

Sarah Shearman

I am the founder of the business Learning to Listen and the concepts we teach. I have taken all my experiences and lessons from life and condensed them into concepts and exercises. Looking back over my life I often asked myself, ‘What was I thinking?’ But sitting here now I totally get it. If I hadn’t done it like that I wouldn’t be able to bring you some of the most powerful, shift creating, lasting lessons, straight from the horses’ mouth!

I love working with people, children and of course horses. Join us on the farm for some of life’s most powerful lessons.

Joanne Richardson

I direct the Southern centre for the organisation and I’m one of our senior coaches.

Based in Hertfordshire, less than 1 hour from London, we host and co-facilitates the Southern courses as well as offering developmental coaching in one-one and group sessions from our beautiful farm.

Having built a successful London based recruitment and HR consultancy company, my breadth of knowledge is perfectly placed to support both individual’s seeking personal growth, whilst also working directly with leaders and teams to assist in planning team development strategies for enhanced performance.

Sarah Readings

In my role as lead coach at Learning to Listen I believe my purpose is to help myself, the team and clients to re-connect with ‘self’, to break free of historical patterns and limiting beliefs that lead us to dis-regard ourselves and to play small in the world. I have learned to see past peoples ‘stuff’ and I will listen to your heart and soul, challenging you to gather your courage and face your fears as I stand alongside you.

So my desire is to remind you with humour and love that you are uniquely gifted and talented and you have a part to play in life’s great plan. Let’s keep on peeling back the layers until we uncover the truth of who we are and who we can be, allowing each of us to shine.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Sarah Ellis

I’ve has been working in the horse industry all my working life and I first became involved with Learning to Listen over 10 years ago after experiencing a problem with my own horse Timmy. I was blown away that I could learn to understand what he was truly trying to tell me and listen to him in his own language and that working with his natural reactions could help us form a partnership built on trust and communication and love.

I was so amazed, that I am now a BHS AI IntSM, a qualified Instructor of the Learning to Listen horse training methods and a ILM level 5 development coach as well as certified Equine Facilitated Coach.

I lead on the care of our special herd at the farm and I work with the team to deliver the Learning to Listen horse behaviour courses and I’m also involved with leadership and team building programmes.

Nicki Hall

As the Family Lead at Learning to Listen Northern Centre, I spend most of my days working with parents, children and teachers to create harmonious, honest and supportive relationships both within school and home environments. I find pure enjoyment in watching children who struggle in mainstream environments thrive and excel down on the farm and love to see parents and teachers feeling supported, listened to and empowered to make lasting and positive changes in their lives.

I also work within the company’s charity, Autism Angels, supporting families affected by Autism Spectrum Conditions within the Mentoring Programme, Family Fun Days and Summer Camps. I started to volunteer for Autism Angels in 2013 and worked to become an accredited Equine Facilitated Coach through the ILM Level 5 programme before joining the team to lead the work with the Families.

Rebecca Kelly

I began my journey as a holistic therapist and Equine Facilitated Coach when my mum was diagnosed with cancer. It made me aware of my own mortality so I looked at how I could support myself to aid my own wellbeing.  I took an interest in holistic therapies and decided to give up my job as a Fundraising Manager to retrain as a therapist. As I began to journey treatments with my clients I become aware of the connection between a client’s emotional state and the physical manifestation in their bodies. I recognised the power of blending touch therapy with coaching and its life-changing potential and from this a partnership between Haelan Therapy and Learning to Listen was born. I lead the Holistic Therapy division of Learning to Listen through the partnership with Haelan Therapy and as a certified Equine Facilitated Coach I also work with the team to deliver the personal and professional development programmes at the southern centre. My passion is helping people to be the very best they need to be for themselves and everyone in their lives.

Jo Osborn

As a child, I always remember saying that when I’m older I would be outside working with horses and people. Growing up I had horses come and go in my life and I explored many traditional horse related jobs and worked with people in caring professions, but it never felt right. When I became involved with Learning to Listen, it felt like my prayers had been answered.

Learning about the communication power of the horse in a completely holistic and transformational way was mind blowing, and combined with the power of coaching, I was seeing changes in myself I never thought possible.

I pride myself on being an open and relaxed coach and, and believe that we all have the right to lead big and fulfilling lives, and if we choose to see it, that we always have everything we need to hand. Being able to share my knowledge and passion with others when working on our Family Coaching and Mentoring programmes and watching children and their families become ‘one’ again brings real heartfelt joy.

Cath Blakey

I love watching people journey through the Learning to Listen concepts and grow. I am amazed every day by people’s light bulb moments!

My love of horses and people means that working on the farm with different groups is a dream for me and doesn’t feel like work at all. I love working with everyone; businesses, schools, families and kids. My journey at Learning to Listen started when I volunteered at Autism Angels and I have’t left since.

If you don’t see me in the fields or around the farm, then I’m probably stuck in the office working on the website, an e-shot or our latest newsletter, so please sign up to make it worth my while not being in my wellies 🙂

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