Enrichment Days - Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen

Enrichment Days

Enrichment days are a great way for all children to get involved with all the activities we offer on the farm. We have different sizes of horses and lots of exercises for everyone to experiment with. Children get a chance to take a look at themselves and become responsible for their own behaviours, see how their actions affect others and make changes to things they feel aren’t working for them. The more authentic they are the more success they will have with the horses and in their lives.

You can bring your class out or your whole school to enjoy a day of learning where you will see changes in the children immediately. The days are fun with learning threaded through the experiential exercises, some with horses and some without. Most of the exercises are done through ground based activities, so little if any riding is done. Just one day can have an enormous results for your children, from learning how to be kind to yourself and others, to communicating more clearly and learning how to take responsibility for your actions.

This is a great chance for children to learn life skills at a young age that will serve them well as adults, in areas such as:

Get in touch and come out and meet us to see how we can support you to make the children’s life a more enriched one.

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