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Learning to Listen

Parent Support

Over the year we run lots of different events that parents can get involved in …

Fun Family Days to Summer Camps. From Family Coaching to Parent Workshops, to Fundraising events and days on the farm. All with one theme, we are there to support you and your family. Keep a look out on our websites, social media pages and e-shots for the latest events.

Family Coaching

Coaching sessions for the whole family are a great way to re-connect everyone. When a family is going through a tough time, whatever that might be, sparks can fly, things can be said and actions taken that aren’t always our best. Sometimes we just don’t know which way to turn and have no idea of what to do next. This is where Learning to Listen can support you and your family back to a more harmonious life.


We run workshops for parents where you can come out to the farm and learn new skills to take back home and share with your family. We understand that time is precious and taking the time can be difficult, however; our research shows that if we work with you, on you, then your children will benefit greatly as will all your other relationships.

You will see demonstrations, be introduced to our concepts and take part in practical exercises to maximise your learning. These exercises may include working with the horses to accelerate the pace and retention of your learning. Research has shown that putting the theory into practice has a far greater and more sustainable impact on your learning than is possible with just classroom work. No prior experience is needed with horses and if you are uncomfortable with working with animals we will discuss this with you prior to your sessions.

Have fun with us for either one day or the whole weekend in a beautiful and scenic outdoor space of getting back to nature, relaxation and fun.  Spend time with your family enjoying being together and making connections with other families. Our team will be on hand to offer support and help with our unique concepts.

You and your family will be able to access as much or as little as you like during your time with us.  Activities vary on all our events and may include some of the following:-

Family Fun Day and Summer Camps:

Summer Camps only:


Please see the top of the page for current programmes or complete the form below for more information or to book our next available programme.

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