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Learning to Listen

Coaching 1:1

There is just something about our children that totally captures our hearts and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them. So what happens when life sends them a curve ball, something unexpected that turns their world upside down? Who do you turn to? Who can you trust? Who can help? More info… link to 1:1 Coaching Children page

Here at Learning to Listen we work with your children to support them with whatever they are going through at the time. We will also work with you, parents and professionals, to support your children when we aren’t there. We will also offer you extra 1:1 sessions (link to 1:1 coaching page on personal page) just for yourself so you can get the support you need to.

It is really important that your children get the support they need but it is equally important that you do to. By learning new skills and gaining confidence you can be a great role model for you children in how to deal with life events as they come along.

Learning and growing together as a family is such a precious thing to do and all the skills you learn can be used in all areas of your life, work, friends and school included.


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