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Child Mentoring Programmes

Our child mentoring programmes have been designed for all children and especially for children who may be experiencing difficulties in life or at school and through events such as family break ups, bullying or mental health issues.

Our child mentoring programmes range from 6-35 weeks and are run during school term time.  They are designed to give children an opportunity to explore how they are really feeling about what is happening in their life.  Often we find that due to the high stresses and strains of the school environments or home life, children can miss classes or not be as productive in their lessons and are often needing more support.  The child mentoring programme gives time for individual and group work to enhance the child’s personal development such as:

Children can then return to school with new found sense of self and renewed energies to continue their learning.

They will attend a 2 hour session once a week at one of the Learning to Listen Centres.  The children may learn to ride over the duration of the programme, however this is a by-product to the equine facilitated work that takes place and most of the work in done on the ground with horses or other farm animals.

The child mentoring programmes are an exciting way to develop children and young people by raising their self-esteem, confidence, awareness and productivity.  Children will encounter a diverse range of engaging activities such as:

These programmes significantly change the children’s lives, giving them hope for a brighter future of their own.  They also have a profound effect on parents, carers and the teachers that follow the journey of the children.

The programmes are often accessed through a school although private lessons can be arranged.

Following are some useful links on funding support for your child’s mentoring programme.

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