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Learning to Listen family coaching

Family Coaching

Coming for Family Coaching Sessions is a very ‘out there’ kind of thing to do and maybe not everyone in the family will agree to it. But I’m guessing a voice in you is telling you that something needs to change and fast! This is where Learning to Listen comes in. Our unique approach, using horses and our back to nature vibe are just some of the ways we do things differently out here on the farm. You won’t be sat in a room all nice a cosy but more like facing the elements outside. A good mirror of how your sessions may go.

Nothing we do with you and your family will be a surprise to you, you already know things need to change and that you are all responsible for making this happen. What we do is take you on a journey, hold you accountable to the agreements you’ve made with each other and metaphorically hold your hand when the going gets tough and it will get tough. Change isn’t easy and it can often get worse before it gets better but if you believe in your family and want honest, loving relationships that will stand the test of time and crisis, then join us for the adventure of a life time that might just change your lives forever.

First steps are to book a visit to the farm, we call this a taster, where you can come and meet us, see the environment, meet the animals and get your questions answered. Then when you’re ready to book you can do this through your coach that you have met and agree convenient time to suit everyone.

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