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Parent Coaching One to One

We offer coaching for parents with or without the horses. We also offer coaching for each parent individually and together as a couple. We highly recommend that parents get their thoughts and hearts together before bringing the children on board, even though your original reason for coming may have been for your children.

Sarah Readings is our lead Coach here at Learning to Listen and qualifies all of our team as ILM accredited coaches. This is how she describes how we coach and what coaching has to offer you.

Transformational coaching is a powerful process which starts and ends with you. It raises your awareness, encourages you to take responsibility for your choices and exposes self-sabotage.

Your sessions

As your coaches we will create a safe and supportive environment in which you can fully explore all aspects of your thinking and feeling, leading to new awareness and deep insights. Your coaches are skilled in working intuitively and energetically to help you see unconscious patterns, beliefs and behaviours which may be limiting you and preventing you from achieving the goals that you want.

Your sessions will:

How it works

Through a series of conversations your coach will use questions, feedback, experience and intuition to help you identify the core beliefs and unconscious assumptions that are limiting you in certain areas of your life.

Your coach will arrange suitable times for your sessions for one and a half hours and you will agree a number of sessions to work on. These sessions will take place at the Learning to Listen Centres.


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