Education Support for schools to develop teachers and staff within schools

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Education Support for schools

Education Support

We are here to support schools to support their teachers, children and families. We have various education support programmes so we can do this in many different ways depending on your schools needs, time and budgets. These are some of the activities we are involved in with Education Support with schools:

Let us know what you are looking for to support your children and families, teachers and leadership team or if you want to get involved with a local charity to support local families living with autism.

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Teacher Training Opportunities

We offer a range of programmes for your whole teaching staff, from in-house sessions to inset days to full senior leadership team development.

  • Looking for a different kind of training that gets good results?
  • Looking to expand your own learning?
  • Want to get your whole school involved?

Here at Learning to Listen we offer you a chance to get out of the classroom and work with some reactionary animals that are going to inspire you to be the best teachers you can be. Find out more info…


Child Mentoring Programme

This 6 – 35 week programme was initially designed for children on the Autism Spectrum, it however also adaptable for any child struggling at school with self confidence, trauma and behavioural concerns. The programme is run in conjunction with their school and works on raising their self-esteem, confidence, awareness and productivity. Find out more info…


Parent Support

It is important that your child get the support they need, it is equally important that you do to. Here at Learning to Listen we work with you alongside your family, learning new skills, building trust in a natural environment that helps everyone see things differently. Find out more info…


Autism Angels

Autism Angels was born from Learning to Listen to support all families and give an alternative approach to children and families living with autism. The whole ethos of Learning to Listen and Autism Angels is to meet people where they are at and support them to make the changes they want for their lives and their families lives. Find out more info…

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