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executive coaching with Sarah Shearman and Sarah Readings

Executive Coaching One to One

Executive transformational coaching is a powerful process, which raises your awareness and encourages you to take responsibility for your choices.

Here at Learning to Listen, we offer one-to-one executive coaching with or without the horses.

Who is executive coaching for?

Executive coaching is for anyone working in the corporate world who wants to develop both personally and professionally.   Offered by our highly experienced lead coach, Sarah Readings and our senior coaches, it is a powerful professional development tool for both individuals and teams. The process raises awareness, encourages personal responsibility and helps to remove limitations caused by unhelpful patterns and belief systems.

Through a series of conversations and exercises the coach enables each client to gain new perspectives, greater self-awareness and increased levels of emotional intelligence. Through high support and high challenge our approach to executive coaching will facilitate personal and professional growth, providing a unique space for individuals and teams to gain clarity on their goals, awareness of their blocks and new ways of relating.

The experience of the coaching we offer is likely to be challenging and transformational. Clients are encouraged to be authentic and courageous in exploring their relationships with themselves and others. This requires a commitment to personal growth and sustained behaviour change and a willingness to take responsibility for engagement and outcomes.

How it works

Through a series of conversations your coach will use questions, feedback, experience and intuition to help you identify the core beliefs and unconscious assumptions that are limiting you in certain areas and preventing you from achieving the results you want.

You will meet with your coach approximately once a month and sessions last for 90 minutes. You will agree a number of sessions to work on your chosen agenda. These sessions will take place at one of our Learning to Listen Centres.  As a guide we would normally recommend an initial agreement of four professional coaching sessions taking place approximately once a month to work on a particular agenda. Progress is then reviewed and the process evaluated.

As your coaches we will create a safe and supportive environment in which you can fully explore all aspects of your thinking and feelings, leading to new awareness and deep insights.

Your sessions will:

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