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Learning to Listen

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Business Mediation

Learning to Listen can support you and your business when conflict arises, with business mediation.  Our skilled facilitators will create a safe and supportive environment allowing each party to be heard and understood in order to reach a resolution.

Sarah Readings is our lead facilitator for business mediation and this is what she has to say about how it can help and how she works…

“Resolving conflict and tensions between individuals and within teams is vital to prevent a negative impact on team productivity and wellbeing. Mediation and conflict resolution can help to avoid a number of future problems such as staff sickness, destructive behaviours, stressful working environments and reduced performance.”

Business Mediation Coaching Outcomes

Performance = Potential – Interference

The interference caused by conflict and misunderstandings between individuals often increase when formal processes are introduced.  This can initiate feelings of vulnerability, fear and mistrust. The aim of mediation is to facilitate the difficult conversations where this interference can be resolved in order to increase performance.

A team that is successful in reducing interference will be recognisable for the following:

How it works

We will provide a safe and neutral environment and facilitate discussion between the parties to clarify underlying feelings and help individuals understand each other.  Through our guidance, the aim is to generate ideas and agreements for the future. We remain impartial and non-judgemental to ensure that both parties get the opportunity to speak and listen.

The process involves one-to-one and group meetings as deemed appropriate to work through the history, raise self-awareness, encourage personal responsibility and agree a way forward.


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