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Learning to Listen


Who am I?

‘I am afraid to tell you who I am because you may not like who I am – and it’s all that I have. But we reach maturity as people by communicating with other people. There is no other way. What is in me grows smaller if I do not tell you its secret.’ Through […]

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The Warrior Programme – Developing Leaders with Animals

Being with the animals allows us to have a completely new experience; they rely on their senses, non-verbal communication, and energy exchange to interact with us. This enables us to access emotions which may have been suppressed and denied. They can help us connect to our authentic selves and find the courage to share that […]

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Training Leaders

Training leaders is widely debated minefield of information. So how about if we could simplify it to this… ”If the horse won’t follow you how do you expect your people to follow you?” An interesting question indeed. One that I’m sure will cause further debate! However there are advantages to being able to simplify leadership […]

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Mental Health, Mindfulness and a Marathon

Every year I like to set myself challenges which will grow me mentally, emotionally, physically, creatively and spiritually. This year my physical challenge is to run 26.2 miles in one go. What I didn’t consider when I set this intention, was that this particular endeavour would be so much more than just physical. In October […]

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The Power of Nature for Restoration

We all know about the environmental benefits nature provides. But how often do we take advantage of the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits available from being outside to support our mental well-being? In a recent article, Michael Hyatt quotes research suggesting that we spend far less time enjoying nature than we did 20 years ago […]

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